Organizational Structure

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GuangdongLow-Carbon Development Promotion Association was initiated by enterprises and institutions that concern the climate change and thusiastic about low-carbon development. This socialt low-carbon development. This social organization was approved and registered by Guangdong CSO Administration, and was established on Nov.3rd, 2011. There are over 50 member institutions up till now.of all Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association to itsarecommitted to its purpose of uniting individuals and organizations of all social sectors, carrying on the national policies and

Main task

Organize publicity activities. Spread and carry out the national and provincial policies concerning climate changes timely
Promote and exchange new technologies of energy-saving and carbon emission reduction. Felicitate scientific and technological outcomes
Participate in appraising and electing Guangdong low-carbon pioneer industrial parks and communities. Cultivate and demonstrate low-carbon projects
Evaluate and examine projects fund of Guangdong low-carbon development. Follow up project management work
Support Guangdong carbon trading pilot projects actively. Organize training and consultation activities
Organize meetings to provide consultation from experts in Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Expert Committee
Set up a platform for the members to exchange views and opinions, and support members to undertake green projects
Build channels for enterprises and individuals of all social sectors to communicate with governments of all levels.
Work as a consultant to contribute ideas and approaches to the government

Platform For Cooperation And Communication

Located in Guangdong while facing the world. Setting up a platform for open cooperation between higher levels, and connecting Chinese and overseas organizations which concern low-carbon development. Organizing a series of activities such as exhibitions, academic conferences, exchange of visits and information etc. Spreading theories and experience of low-carbon development and promoting R&D and application of low-carbon technology.

Communication With International Low-carbon Development Delegation Groups

Exchange The Experience Of The Design Of Carbon Trading Mechanism With Special Committee On Energy And Climate Change Of British House Of Commons

Pioneer of Publicity and Training of Low-carbon

Analyzing and explaining policies concerning climate changes timely, sharing with members successful business cases both home and abroad, exchanging the latest technologies , R&D results and business opportunities of low-carbon projects, and felicitating technological outcomes. Supporting the ongoing pilot project of Guangdong carbon trading by organizing and providing special trainings and symposiums.

Discussion About Carbon Trading System In Pilot Regions 

Interim Management Of Voluntarily Reducing GHS Emission Analyzed By Mr Jiang, Zhaoli, Director Of Climate Department Of National Development And Reform Commission

Base Of Cultivating Low-carbon Pilot

Taking part in the demonstration and cultivation of low-carbon industrial parks and enterprises, organizing events and activities to praise industrial parks and green enterprises which are leading in this part. Promoting experience and presenting impressive outcomes of Guangdong low-carbon development. Entrusted by relating governmental institutions to follow up and manage low-carbon

Participating In Foshan Chancheng Low-carbon Pilot Site Construction

Low-Carbon Development In South China Institution Of The Year

Bridge For Dialogues Concerning Low-carbon Policy

Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association plays an active role as the bond connecting enterprises, scientific and research institutes and NGOs. Studying economic systems, mechanisms and policies.Working as a consultant to contribute ideas and approaches to the government while reporting people and companies’ suggestions and requests about low-carbon development.

Guangdong International Low-carbon Development Forum

Seminar of Guangdong Low-carbon Development planning and policy