Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association was initiated by enterprises and institutions that concern the climate change and are enthusiastic about low-carbon development. This social organization was approved and registered by Guangdong CSO Administration, and was established on Nov.3rd, 2011. There are over 50 member institutions up till now.
Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association is committed to its purpose of uniting individuals and organizations of all social sectors, carrying on the national policies and implementations which respond to the climate change, supporting Guangdong low carbon pilot projects actively, and working as the bridge to encourage enterprises to make joint efforts together with governmental institutions to spread the theories, ideas and approaches regarding low-carbon development. In this way, we also establish a platform for technological exchanges and communication while setting examples for low-carbon development. The economic development of Guangdong will be led into a healthier direction.
Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association is under the guidance of Guangdong Province Development and Reform Commission. Entrusted by the commission, GDLC undertakes tasks concerning 'Low-carbon development pilot province'. It's a member of research and design team of Guangdong carbon trading mechanism study. In accordance with the industrious spirit and laying emphasis on service, GDLC devotes to expanding business and providing services and assistance to members, governmental institutions and community.